TWS Crew Topic: My Pop Shuvit Over One Deck


Pop Shuvit is one of my highest tricks that's why I can do this trick over one deck. It's been so long time since I landed this trick and last Sunday, October 10, 2021, I can still land my Pop Shuvit over one deck. I tried so many times before I landed it but my feeling is so good because I can still have this trick.

Pop Shuvit Over One Deck Failed #1

On this photo collage of my Pop Shuvit over one deck as you can see I almost caught my deck. But when I landed on the ground I accidentally dragged my front foot into the ground that's why I was off my balance. I think that is my 3rd try because I felt I got my rhythm slowly.

Pop Shuvit Over One Deck Failed #2

Here is another Pop Shuvit failed I'm not sure how many tries that I made on this failed but I think I've made a lot of failed because we changes our position. That is always happened since before I took a lot of tries before I perfectly landed the one-trick but sometimes I took a few tries and I can perfectly land the tricks.

Pop Shuvit Over One Deck Failed #3

On this photo collage, I caught my Pop Shuvit over the one deck but unfortunately, my tail accidentally hit the deck that's why the board falls down. At that time I can feel that I can catch my Pop Shuvit over one deck after that moment.

Perfect Pop Shuvit Over One Deck

Finally, after so many failures I've been perfectly executed my Pop Shuvit over one deck. As I said above after I hitting the board I told Wency I want to try one more time because I wanted a clean Pop Shuvit. This trick's not so really hard but not so easy too. My secret to having the highest Pop Shuvit is just because I put all the pressure on my back foot and my front it's just a guide.

Since before I can do a Pop Shuvit with a huge pop that's why I can drop, I can do a gap, I can do over one deck with my Pop Shuvit.

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Shove-it’s were a lot of fun! I seemed to be better at them front side instead of backside for whatever reason lol