Amazing Nature: The Bird Brown Shrike(Tarat)


Brown Shrike

This color brown bird is called Brown Shrike in the Philippines it's called 'Ibong Tarat or Tarat' it's pretty similar to the common Sparrow. The difference between the brown shrike to the sparrow is the tail and the beak of the shrike it's a little longer than the sparrow. One of the trademarks of the brown shrike is the color of their eyelid is color black that it's the trademark to identify them easily.

I found this brown shrike at the mango tree in the backyard of our neighbors. Every morning I always this brown shrike attached to the branch of the mango tree. Unlike the common sparrow, the brown shrike is not a playful bird every time that I saw them they just resting on the branch waiting or looking for something.

Where The Brown Shrike Live?

Most of the brown shrike live in the open space areas especially trees I've never seen a brown shrike live in the ceiling of the house as the sparrow did. The brown shrike is a common bird that you can find in your backyard.

What The Brown Shrike Eat?

Honestly, I've never seen a brown shrike eat something but when I'm searching about what are they eat. The brown shrike eating small reptiles such as Small Lizard, small frogs, and of course insects.

If you ask me if the brown shrike is dangerous my answer is no they are not a hunter or a bird predator like the eagle. The brown shrike is harmless unless if you attacked them maybe they fight back. The color of the top of the head of the brown shrike is color gray and the brown shrike is common in Asia especially here in the Philippines. This little brown bird looks sweet and cute. The brown shrike is not in danger they are widespread across Asia.

Brown Shrike

Please Note: In this article, all the images are mine I captured them using my Realme 5 Pro & Apexel 18x Telephoto Lens. I made the photo collages using Adobe Photoshop, Turbocollage & Photoscape X.

Camera: Taken by Realme 5 Pro
Category: Nature Photography
Date Taken: April 20, 2021

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