Weekly Battle Challenge: The LAVA SPIDER

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Today's topic: The Weekly Battle Challenge

This week, I got to use one of the most useful cards, the LAVA SPIDER. I love him because he uses SNIPE! You can really do some awesome damage to your enemy's backrow - which will leave your opponent's tank without any support, which is exactly what mine did in my battle challenge video.


I played LAVA SPIDER in a 18 mana battle with no modification to the ruleset:
Summoner: Tarsa
She costs four mana, and is a bargain, as she gives each of my cards +1 health and +1 melee damage. This is super, because it means you can enter a battle and dominate your opponent with a heavy attack.


Tank: Living Lava
This is one of my go-to cards, he has SHIELD skill, which means he will take reduced melee and arrow damage. He's a hard card to be able to get down quickly, unless my opponent plays a magic team. With Tarsa giving him +1 melee, he's quite the mighty card out front, and often, won't die in a battle.


Off-tank: Radiated Scorcher
Not a lot of strategy in placing this guy second, I had to find a 1 mana card to put in, and this guy was the most effective. His role in the team is to provide my 3rd and 4th card some extra cover. I guess you'd just call him 'meat'.


3rd Position: Serpentine Spy
I rather like playing the Spy with Tarsa, his OPPORTUNITY skill, paired with his 3 attack is a dangerous asset to have on my backline. The trade off is, if my opponent has an opportunity card, my Spy may well die quickly. Once he takes out the low mana back-row, his attack is significant enough to make solid in-roads against any tank.


4th Position: Lava Spider
Playing the Lava Spider in 4th is common sense; arrows can't hit in the first position, so it is about maximising my arrow attack. Having 4 health, +1 additional health from Tarsa, this little guy will be able to hold off a sneak attack for 2 or 3 hits too.

The SNIPE ability of the LAVA SPIDER will work in partnership with my Serpentine OPPORTUNITY - And the two of them will work on my opponents backrow. In a low mana battle, their combined 4 attack (1 arrow, 3 melee) should be able to quickly take out my opponents' cards. This will then allow them to turn their attention to the tank position, if he is still standing.


In the end, I won this battle without losing a single card. The LAVA SPIDER did a marvelous job, and I'd love for you to watch the battle embedded below to get an insight into just how awesome this card is.



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