Weekly Battle Challenge: The Goblin Psychic!


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Today's topic: The Weekly Battle Challenge

This week, I got to use one of the most useful cards, the Goblin Psychic. I love him because he uses HEAL! You can establish a strong tank up front, and just keep on healing your tank over and over until you secure victory. This was my strategy for my epic battle!

Have you seen him before?


I played him in a 19 mana battle with no modifications to the standard rule:

4 Mana Obsidian as Summoner:
This summoner was an integral part of my strategy. Goblin Psychic is a magic attack unit, the additional attack from Obsidian allowed him to hit +3 Magic each time. Not only would he be a healer, he'd be an absolute beast to destroy the opponent's front line.

8 Mana Mycelic Infantry as Tank:
This tank is actually pretty awesome, he has the Shield ability, which means if you hit him with arrows or melee, he will take reduced damage. This will give him longevity in the battle, unless I come up against a significant magic attack.

6 Mana Goblin Psychic as Backline Support:
The role of the Goblin was to hit hard with his +3 Magic damage, but continually heal the tank. If I could keep my tank alive longer than my opponent's tank, in the majority of cases, that will be enough to earn myself the win.

If my tank does die, the goblin can also use his magic from the first position, whereas an arrow card cannot.

1 Mana Mycelic Morphoid:
This guy was just the rear guard. My tank is meaty and would take a lot to get through, I wanted to park the Morphoid on the rear to give my Goblin additional protection - it might only let him live an extra round or two, but if he is healing and hitting in that time, that's enough to change a battle.


As the battle got underway, my biggest threat was from my opponent's Harpy who uses the Opportunity skill. This skill will allow the Harpy to attack my backline. Luckily, I put in the Morphoid, who will take two hits to kill, and then it'll need another three to drop my Goblin Psychic. This gave me a fair degree of confidence that I would win. My opponent didn't have a healer in his line-up, and I could see my magic attack doing some serious damage to my opponent's tank.

Check out the video here:


In the end, this was one of those battles that seem to seldom occur, where everything goes to plan. The plan for this battle was simple:

  • Keep my tank alive.
  • Use the Goblin's magic damage to make an impact on my opponent.

It wasn't a battle with a lot of cards, and in the absence of anything more strategic, it was KISS (Keep it simple, stupid).

I'd definately use this strategy again, of pairing a strong tank with a capable healer. Unless your opponent has a stronger attack against your backline, it will be a near impossible task for you to lose. You are welcome!

Thanks for joining me for this week's challenge, can back again next week and let's do it again!
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