Weekly Battle Challenge: The Feral Spirit!


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Today's topic: The Weekly Battle Challenge

This week, I got to use one of the most useful cards, the Feral Spirit. I love him because he uses SNEAK! You can come behind the enemy and wipe him out from behind, which is exactly what mine did in my battle challenge video.

I played him in a 15 mana battle with:
6 Mana Chaos Knight - he has the shield ability, this would give him longevity to take lots of attack - taking 0 damage if hit with 1, or 1 damage if hit with 2. In the battle, my opponent played a number of 1 damage cards, so he could not hurt me at all.
2 Mana Herbalist - this was a 'filler' that I wanted to use to protect my feral spirit, but who would do OK damage (2 Arrows) when paired with General Sloan. The hope was if my opponent played a SNEAK attack, that the Herablist would let my FERAL SPIRIT stay alive longer, to potentially do more backline damage.

In the end, I won this battle without losing a single bit of health, or shields. The Feral Spirit did a marvelous job, and I'd love for you to watch the battle embedded below to get an insight into just how awesome this card is.


Here's a great way to sign up, by using my link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=timtheteacher