The Djinn Chwala Strategy! (We love a good dragon battle!)

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Today, we're looking at Dragons, specifically focusing on a battle with Djinn Chwala!

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Today's topic: The Weekly Battle Challenge

This week, I got to use one of the most useful cards, the Djinn Chwala. I love him because he uses THORNS! You can hit the enemy with your melee attack, and when they hit you - they lose health too! He's tough to beat unless you play magic.

I played him in a 18 mana battle, partnering with my DRAGONS with LIFE splinter.
4 Mana Drake of Arnak as Summoner - he gives all my cards +1 armour, this will be helpful for keeping back line alive if my opponent plays sneak.


8 Mana Djinn Chwala - An awesome tank, he has high armour and high health. He will take a lot of hits, and his THORNS will HURT your opponent.


3 Mana Scavo Hireling - This was the key to my strategy, I was just going to keep restoring my Djinn's armour. If my opponents could not crack my armour, it would be impossible for them to beat me.


3 Mana Stitch Leech - a really good sneak attack, he has 2 damage. While my Djinn was out front, I wanted this card to be hitting from the back of my opponents team to clear out his support cards.


In the end, I won this battle without losing a single card. The battle went exactly to script; my Stitch Leech single handedly took out my opponents back line healer - while my Djinn went to work on beating the Unicorn mustang. The Unicorn is an awesome card and hard to beat - but it was a back-forth battle. He'd destroy my armour, my Scavo would fix it, and so on - the Unicorn never got to actually hit my health.

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