Wednesday Walk - Walking for a healthy life


Hello friends. I feel happy to share a new wednesday walk post. Sharing this means that I walked at least 10 thousand steps at least one day a week. It is necessary to take at least 10 thousand steps every day of the week, not just one day of the week.

This is a must for a healthy life. It has important benefits for cardiovascular health and is very effective against depression and stress. I tested and confirmed this myself. Long-term exercise and walking act as a barricade against stress. You care about the troubles and problems in normal life, but these problems do not hold you hostage and do not give you an advantage over you.

I know it's hard to take action and take steps when you're stressed. It is possible to overcome this with a little discipline and patience. It may vary from person to person, but you will start to see the benefits of regular exercise within the first 10 days. Of course, walking early in the morning on an empty stomach is more effective. Then, when you come home and take a cold shower, you can be sure that you will take your body one step further in terms of health.

Just like last week, I chose to walk in a different region this week. The snow has completely melted in the city. There are many areas damaged by snowfall.

The mountains are not yet suitable for hiking. It is possible to get caught in bad weather conditions and minor dangers there. That's all I had to say this week. See you next week.