Made it to $100 USD in SPS value & joined Index Squad guild in SplinterLands. Epic!


Nice! Finally broke the $100 barrier in my holdings.

While the value in USD will fluctuate based on SPS value, I'm thrilled that I'm receiving the airdrop amount at the rate I am.

I've begun using diesel pools as well as a method to increase my DEC value for the SPS I receive from airdrops. This is new to me, and so I am only trying this out for now. In this case, I've added liquidity to the pool with equal tokens of DEC and SPS and receive the reward of double points for these DEC when it comes to my airdrop amounts.


I'm not breaking the bank, but it is paying out rewards AND increasing the total points I receive in SPS due to how DEC is counted toward my score since it's in a pool.



I only have 1,740 points contributed to my airdrop by the DEC Liquidity Pools, but that's fine with me. It still is an increase in DEC point value for the investment.

@threesteps is now a proud member of The Index Squad. Woot!

This is my favorite part. Ready?

So y'all know I like playing Splinterlands even though I suck at it right? Well....

Jon extended me a guild offer today and I accepted.


Dedicated to kicking butt and chewing gum….And we're all out of gum!
Aww yisss. Time to up my game and play for the team. I am aaaaaaaaaaall in on this one.

I also plan on buying one of the jerseys from Eliana's shop online now that I am in the guild. I have been looking at getting a separate account before I pull the trigger on the sale so I can have a separate account name on the back of the jersey. I'll make a decision this evening and purchase one either way.

2021-09-28 15_22_02-Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle! - Brave.png

Can't wait. :) Now I have even more of a reason to get better at playing the game part of it. I was at first enticed into SL by the financial investment side of it, since it makes me money. But now I am enjoying playing the game, and I hope to continue playing.

I'd love to hear if you have guild experience, what you think of it all.

I expect good things to happen from this, and I'm looking for feedback from anyone who has been in a guild before. What's the benefits that you find from doing it?

Peace and Love,