🦚 ecoTrain QOTW S7-6: Gratitude For Nature Photo Quest



When spring arrives something insides awakens

I'm not a winter person at all, no matter how cool it may look if a nice landscape is covered in snow, I truly never long for the winter. I usually don't feel rested waking up, no matter how long or short I slept, I always wish to stay under my warm blanket rather than getting out of bed. But when spring is near, I slowly feel more energized and know that soon, I will wake up hearing the birds sing and even better: know that I will wake up feeling filled with energy most days. Which is truly something I long for all winter. I don't like to feel unrested/moody/sleepy or out of energy, I love feeling all pumped and knowing this day will be one of productivity. So whenever spring is near, and the first days with more sun appear, I feel myself get lighter and slowly awaken from the winter months.

Nature pictures

Although winter brings some opportunities to take nice pictures whenever the city is covered in snow, I rarely look back to those folders of winter. But those pictures that were taken in spring and summer, that's a different story! I often browse through these folders during winter to feel the light and energy of those good months of the year again. Knowing that I have to hold on for just a bit longer to feel better again. These pictures bring joy and happiness when I look at them and usually a smile to my face as well.

I feel zen in nature

Whenever we are able to spend time in nature together as a family, it feels so good, and we are all totally zen when there is no traffic around us but nature only. I remember when we were in the pony farm a while ago, in a hammock, I almost fell asleep enjoying the silence. Loving it! And just a few weeks ago, during a short trip to the lake, even though there was a bit of stress regarding our car (being 150 km from home lol) if we could even get back home with it, we still felt super relaxed in the natural environment of the camping having barely any internet signal while being there.

Let's look at some pictures of nature

I took these in the park, on two occasions, both last month. The first 4 pictures are while walking towards a nice little pick nick area with cute take away restaurant. You could sit everywhere in this area, enjoying nature's green around you.


They made these special sensory paths which are pretty cool, especially for children to feel the sand, or wood with their bare feet.

park 1.png

Let's not forget the nice flowers you can find in the park, I always get so happy looking at these bright flowers. I try to capture every single one that pops out while walking in the park. It's hard sometimes to capture them the best way possible with a phone camera and a lot of light.. But these turned out ok, I think.

park flowers.png

The first one isn't a great picture, but here you see what I saw walking in this direction.. The tree instantly caught my attention... can you see why?

Day Trip Varosliget July 2021 (125).jpg

Here's one with more light shining on the stem. I love how nature can work its magic and create such a nice tree!

Day Trip Varosliget July 2021 (126).jpg

And the last one, close up:

Day Trip Varosliget July 2021 (127).jpg


This summer I did not capture as many pictures of nature as most years, simply because this year we haven't been out as much as I'd loved to. But I know fall will also bring nice opportunities for great pictures, as the world turns into a beautiful colored palette once fall is here.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did!

Thanks for reading <3


Oh, that tree is like a highlight in that place. It looks amazing how the stems form such beautiful harmony. :)