Art Class | Dorkis (NFT) Fan Art

art class dorkis fan art.png

This art class started with a Dorkis NFT story

Let's explain first, because you may have missed the Dorkis story I wrote a week ago. We have taken the dive into the world of NFTs recently and one of my favorite projects is most definitely the Dorkis. The art is just so cute! But with mom and dad browsing through all these cool artworks, of course our 5 year old also noticed these from time to time.

She has her own opinion about NFTs and her favorite ones are 100% the Dorkis collection.

It all started with a print

She said she wanted to draw some of them, so I went to OpenSea, and printed 6 Dorkis for her. Hoping that she'd create something cool inspired by these cute drawings.

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (2).jpg

Here's what she created:

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (3).jpg

Don't you love the one with the cat? The second one she drew was the one on the bottom in the middle of the page.

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (6).jpg

Drawing the third one here, let's have a look below:

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (4).jpg

And a bit closer.. Yes, I can see the similarities, can you?

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (5).jpg

The second one looks a bit angry and scary, but if you look at the Dorkis drawing, I can see how she tried to copy these eyes and eyebrows.

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (8).jpg

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (7).jpg

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (9).jpg

And some colors added, she felt they were done here, so some aren't 100% in color. Hey, what can I say? She's the artist here after all..

Dorkis Fanart by a 5 year old (1).jpg

I think she nailed it

I do notice that when she works with pencils to color things, she scratches the paper a lot and it looks better when she uses markers. But I still love how she managed to create her own Dorkis by looking at just one example on paper.

These art classes are super enjoyable by both her and me as it's something different, and she always takes the challenge upon her when I propose her to do something different and other than usual.

My little artist <3


You know, I wasn't much of a fan from the Dorki's, but I do love the Dorki's your little artist created.


Wow, I am impressed with her drawings. She definitely is a talented girl.