This Is Awesome - How Is The $AWESOME Token Doing?

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This Is Awesome

The goal of this project is to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding awesome content, and we do that by following curation trails that curates good content, much of it manually, and in the following categories.

White Paper

Here is our White Paper laying out the details for how we have tokenized our Hive Power, White Paper - $AWESOME.

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You can trade the AWESOME token here,

How Is The $AWESOME Token Doing?

It has now gone just over 3 full days since we launched our $AWESOME token, and the develpoment so far is that we have a fantastic increase in token value, while at the same time we are low on liquid Hive for the standing buy orders for the peg.

Token Value APR

So to start with here are the 3 first full days and how our APR has developed during this period, each snapshot taken at exactly the same time of the day as the snapshot for the airdrop.

Screenshot from Google Drive

Screenshot from Google Drive

Screenshot from Google Drive

Tokens Circulating = Issued tokens minus what is held by @awesomecuration.

Backing Hive = Our Hive Power plus the Hive in our buy orders.

Token Value = Backing Hive divided by Tokens Circulating

APR = Annual Percentage Rate, and defines our increase in token value on a yearly basis.

So as you can see it is now 358% APR inrease in token value, and the token value is always 100% backed by our Hive Power and what Hive we have in our buy orders.

The drop on day 2 has most likely to do with the HF25, and that the first week has an inverted curation reward, meaning if you vote late then you get the best rewards, but that is only for posts published before HF25 and that are voted after it.

We have been able to take advantage of this opportunity though, so we expect to earn a lot more curation rewards in this short period, we will however not use all our VP that way, or we would not earn any curation rewards the week after, plus we also want to support new posts in the categories that we are voting on.

Liquid Hive?

As you might have noticed we are very low on liquid Hive for the buy orders to keep the peg, this is due to us not anticipating a massive sell off right after the airdrop, we thought that this good of an APR increase in token value would have the opposite effect, some sell orders but a lot of buy orders.

In any case that is just temporary as we created a new power down just after seeing this development, and we will then just buy back tokens until we have enough standing buy orders to keep the peg in place.

When we buy or sell tokens at token value then any trading is completely neutral in regards to token value, trading at token value does not increase nor decrease token value.

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Stay Awesome!

This Is Awesome

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Wow... it is actually growing gradually. I am sure in the next few days it will grow beyond the figures above but i think awereness still needs to be done

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Hello @thisisawesome. I'm pleased so far with my airdrop and the Awesome Token. Immediately after issuance, I purchased some additional. I plan to purchase more each month.


Thanks a lot Chris, and that is great to hear, enjoy the good APR.



I was away from the platform for a few days and came back to this surprise.
Well done to the team awesome and best of luck for the future and well.
Time to make another investment 😎
!luv 3


That is great to hear Harpreet and enjoy the good APR.