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He says: "You can win the battle, but you can never win my power.
Enjoy the light of day until the night begins!"
And with these words his countenance changes
His noble suit catches fire until it is finally burnt away
Claws suddenly appear where once were his feet
His back breaks open as he sprouts wings there
I see him stare sombrely, then he leaps out the window
The last thing I see is his wings flapping furiously.
He's gone... I see in a shard the vision:
'The battle in Jerusalem goes on, but at last the demons die'.

Act IV - Eden: Many years have passed since the end of the war.
People on earth live together peacefully
You can see how Buddhists, Muslims and Christians
Together rebuild the ruined cities
They were torn down
But now they swear they'll never be destroyed again and their climate poisoned
Every village, every district, every town is being restored
Not a single murder has been recorded for years
Every region here is flourishing, there are fish in the world's seas
Fruits in the fields, the planet is green again
The demon is defeated, the dark spell is bound
But still books with the black aura are found
We search and bring every book we find
To the pyre where fire and embers devour it
Just now the last black chapter burns in the village square
There comes a raven from the sky ...