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"The world is not yet saved, but the resistance is strengthening!"

Act I - Postapocalypse:It was revealed to me what no one else saw
But now the danger is seen, from Palestine to Qatar
What was written is true, in the Talmud, in the Qur'an
And in the Bible I read it, the decline is near
It's all coming back to me, so much that's happened
Since the time when people spoke of signs like climate change
Now whole cities and industrial plants lie fallow
'Neath a whole world lies fevered - this battle has been hard!
Entire coastlines lie full of debris
Pieces of bridge piers, boards and clinker bricks
Lawns burnt to dust, shipwrecks in harbour basins
And burnt-out car wrecks on cracked road surfaces
From craggy inner cities you see grey-black clouds of smoke
Rise to a smothering blanket of sky
On state buildings watch
Army men making bonfires out of what used to be garden fences
Or driving camouflage vehicles
And department stores looting arms, strong chasing daylight shunning muggers
Some sleep unprotected in the open
Some offer their luxury trinkets for a place in an air raid shelter
People trade items like wedding rings and gold chains
For medicine, essential food and woollen blankets
A scrap of electricity from emergency generators
Or batteries from technical devices like cameras
Brings a minimum of electricity
To a civilisation reformatting itself from ruined houses
Rich industrial nations became sad fields of rubble
Individual groups of people living like backwoodsmen
Who live in makeshift dwellings like emergency barracks made of corrugated iron
And tent sites sleeping on straw mattresses, camp beds and sofas
Changing money for chocolate
The only luxury good in a place where brave people have postponed the end of the world
Who saw self-speaking omens, went into resistance
Didn't stand idly by when they came to force them down
And they all speak of a heroic knower
In whose visions the symbols were condensed
Whose courageous missions destroyed the Cyclops
And were the salvation for millions of fellow men
Learn the forbidden scriptures and you know what was
That only the first wave is over, but the second is approaching!
I read the secret treaty that no one else saw
That was hidden in the closest circle and only passed on there
In a ghost town, in a dark cellar vault
I see the future: our world will become hell!


Act II - The Ancient Mysteries:A rare source speaks of dreadful days
And of lurking dangers that thousands of years ago
Thousands of years ago
At a time before the secret societies of today had arisen
Our horror was already near
An eternity before Avignon was built, within the walls of Babylon
When the ruler in his mighty temple city
Ancient legends say that the ruler spoke to two fallen angels
Which was soon his doom and the end of Babylon
But he did not see it coming, he did not yet foresee
Of the approaching calamity that was to come
For he let himself be driven by the lust for power, madness and stupidity
Of his wishful fantasies
When they said they would show him dark magic and teach him to use it
The sorrow was profound under the spell of the black art
Of the black art the people died of hunger and war
Hundreds of pastures from Mediterranean regions
To the interior of the country, burnt in a hot spell
As did most of the forests, corn and wheat fields.
Only the richest men had full storehouses then
It was extraordinary
The whole empire became a cruel wasteland, except for the king's capital.
That blossomed all the more
He drained power from the land to shine himself, that's what the dark art taught him
And he raged about as barbarian hordes once did
With black magic words, like satanic orders
Had swords and daggers sharpened
Anyone who rose up was to be pursued by henchmen with wooden spears.
He sat on mountains of gold in shielded bulwarks
On safe ground in glittering splendour and let his people die
All this happened in Babylon's darkest days
That held the greatest atrocities for hundreds of years
And one day the two angels appear again
Dressed in the elegant robes of sombre temple priests
They spoke of infamy
And the king's misuse of the priesthood's gifts, the magic power
Which would have been but a test
Whether man, endowed with the powers of this earth, would stray from the right path


He had been able to choose between good and evil
He had succumbed to temptation, let himself be moved by bloodlust
It had been a fallacy that man could improve himself
Therefore there must be no future for Babylon.
Thereupon they let the Euphrates dry up
And the city, surrounded by solid walls
From the riverbed it was to be walked, so it had to happen
That someone marched in to take the city with troops
It was the heartless enemy, the Persian Empire
They took the city and razed it to the ground
That was the end of Babylon as it is written
In the secret books under Solomon's temple
For years later he had the occult writings dug up
Which poisoned the king and carry the dark knowledge
These writings radiate a dangerous power
One could sense a devastating power emanating from them.
Solomon saw this
And put them under his palace, today's al-Aqsa mosque, and put them to rest.
Hid them and buried them
And there they lay for decades, until the Templars came.
recovered the missing books, brought them to their principalities
And made selected scholars the guardians of knowledge
And as was to be expected
The dangerous writings came to the triumvirates of the Illuminati
Who, instead of renouncing it, now let magic awake
And kindled it in a dark rite
To support their power, power of knowledge
That still today they protect like a secret treasure
The bravest of the order were chosen
Have conjured dark spirits with incantations
That shaped the horror
There is talk of shadows or demons, of assassination, war-mongering and contract killings
Too much has escaped us
How all the mighty men in history come from the same thirteen bloodlines
From Babylon to the Egyptian pharaohs
Bearers of the European and British noble crowns
To politicians and US presidents
All those who have guided the destiny of the world in a businesslike manner
Were all ultimately men of the blood of a demon
Who drew their power from him from time immemorial
And it is also clear from these book chapters
That human sacrifices were chosen from castle dungeons
And conjured up gloom
So it came to pass that many a delinquent lost his head for the purpose of blood magic.
They performed their spells, but the price was great
They piled up corpse after corpse daily
But one day every dungeon cell was empty
And the djinn had no source of energy left
So all the great rulers fought many a war battle
And they didn't care if they lost or won
Because sacrifices of every kind multiplied their powers
They bundled these forces along strong energy axes
You only have to draw the connections on the map
And see the analogies of the Incas and Mayarin's
Inti Punku, Silbury Hill


See how the djinn magic is reflected in monumental structures
The Stonehenge, the Ziggurats
They are all places of draconic tribunals and demonic rituals
Even in earlier times, primal ancestors of today's Illuminati forged
Zief inside the pyramid of the Kukulcán
With exaggerated bloodlust
The all-destroying plan for the future, now handed down to me in the form of this writing
Now I know what the secret of the enlightened was
Recognise on this day their diabolical plan
They want her to return
An inhuman force with unbridled power, descending upon us
Deadly djinn - strengthened by magic for ages
Nurtured with every murder, every suffering, every war
All that has gone before was but the foreshadowing
To those horrors that now rise from hell
The Cyclops was merely to demonstrate their strength
Reduce the population of the earth by the way
To control the remaining humanity with a vengeance
Pave the way until they come to complete their work
They are Gog and Magog - the death mercenaries
The demon races that are sweeping the world
They are now awakened by this secret society
My candle goes out - the time is now!


Act III - Showdown:I go out, I am barely at the frame of the door
Already I see the city in front of me, covered in smoke.
See how dark creatures play around the facades of the houses
While dull beats pulsate like main arteries
Mystical scenes, a desolate region
Filled with the foulest gloom and furious blows
Of a tempestuous quake, and no, there's no doubt in my mind
No doubt whatsoever: myths are coming to life here!
I feel it in every part of my body
Trees float through the air as if there were no gravity at all
I grab my binoculars
I see the demons coming and I remember my own heartbeat.
They've opened the gates, the gates of hell.
I've just calculated the coordinates of the locations
I know the energy points
Between which a magical portal rips open the atmosphere like a war wound
I know that the end times are upon us
And send the signal for the very last force of humanity to step up
Regardless of religion, origin or status
They throw themselves into battle without awe or fear
For before they submit to the devilish demons
They accept being forced to die
I would die of necessity
But for their fight to stand a chance I must go and destroy a node
And no one will stop me, for
If I fail to cut the energy force field, this world belongs to the shadows
I'm ready for a hero's death
Travel to Jerusalem's Dome of the Rock in a hurry, there springs the world current
A force field in bright red, one of the demons steps out
I go there and strike out with my bare fist
Until he is severely dazed
Then a second blow sends him back through the gate to where he came from.
Ghosts are floating everywhere
But before every fucked-up djinni from the other world gets here I take a battle axe


Strike the ruby glow of the magic node
It explodes with a thousand loveless cries
And the gate is closed
But the last drop of blood in this place has not yet flowed, the killing has not stopped, for
Even if no more demon comes now
All of East Jerusalem resembles an enormous battlefront
The last bastion of humanity defends itself with a fighter's heart
Against an endless superiority on the Temple Mount
On the human side, corpses pile up like mountains
But the enemy henchmen - they don't seem to die
They stream from everywhere like the living dead
Up the slopes in seemingly never-ending waves
Inhuman roar, fighting and raving
Between dream and reality the boundaries are shifted
Above the mountain appears in burning robes
The vision of a man, he shines brightly and has his hands raised
Standing there in the blazing light
Summons the streaming army of hell and watches me with a malevolent gaze
I look up, stare back
Discovering the ruins in its background and knowing which big city it is
Know how far away the place is
So I dare to teleport with the very last bit of energy from the destroyed gate.
And suddenly there's silence
No killing, no dying, no murderous image, no hellish roar
Just the Canary Wharf complex - City of London
Only a single tower among the ruined banks
Of the district is there
Surrounded by beams of magic that entwine around it like poisonous snakes
It flashes like brilliants on the floor at the top
It must be in there - the head of the demons
I walk eastwards, the floor is riddled with cracks
Lava flows underneath, I feel the heat bubbling.
And I go into the bank building, in the air there's the hint of
The smell of sulphur, the stench of rot.
Every corridor lit by black magic
Pulled by the devil's hand, a man leans sighing
With a nonchalant look
Against a wall in the corner in a strange light, Detaches himself from the wall and speaks
Comes close and hisses:
"You've foiled my plan!" - and the wall throws back his voice with a thunderous sound


He says: "You can win the battle, but you can never win my power.
Enjoy the light of day until the night begins!"
And with these words his countenance changes
His noble suit catches fire until it is finally burnt away
Claws suddenly appear where once were his feet
His back breaks open as he sprouts wings there
I see him stare sombrely, then he leaps out the window
The last thing I see is his wings flapping furiously.
He's gone... I see in a shard the vision:
'The battle in Jerusalem goes on, but at last the demons die'.

Act IV - Eden: Many years have passed since the end of the war.
People on earth live together peacefully
You can see how Buddhists, Muslims and Christians
Together rebuild the ruined cities
They were torn down
But now they swear they'll never be destroyed again and their climate poisoned
Every village, every district, every town is being restored
Not a single murder has been recorded for years
Every region here is flourishing, there are fish in the world's seas
Fruits in the fields, the planet is green again
The demon is defeated, the dark spell is bound
But still books with the black aura are found
We search and bring every book we find
To the pyre where fire and embers devour it
Just now the last black chapter burns in the village square
There comes a raven from the sky ...