RE: 2023 Projections are Abysmal

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People are feeling it in all kind of different ways. Crypto can be an answer for many, but will not be for most right now. People that I can't even talk to people offline about crypto as most don't understand it, scared of it, or think it's an outright scam. So we still have some time. I am here doing my work, because I believe in it, but I am going to be starting a farm because I have also been bitten in the ass by crypto as well, so have to hedge your bets in different ways.

As far as the job economy right now, it is freaking horrible. Even the gig economy here in my area is drying up fast and furious. The only jobs I see are crap warehouse and fast food jobs. So here I am, busting my ass to build blockchain platforms because it's the only thing that even halfway pays right now, lol.

Even freelancing has been pretty bad lately, getting clients to pay for work is like pulling teeth because people don't have it, well not speaking for all, I just have 1 really shitty client that owes me enough to get out of this hole they put me in, lol.

Anyway... yeah, times are hard, but hey, at least we have Hive.