Ordered iPhone 12 but recieved soap instead 🤯

Whenever i am free and go through the trending news from my country and around the world i often get amazed with some shocking , funny , and different types of news.

So i was going through the news and i came across one news that actually shocked me. It was about one of the top e-commerce company Flipkart.

A man ordered Apple iPhone 12 on the big billion day sale doing on Flipkart but what he recieved was few bars of soap. Isn't that shocking ?

images (12) (7).jpeg


I have heard of similar cases from various different other e-commerce website but with Flipkart i was really shocked because it is one of the top e-commerce company in the country.

The man didn't accepted the order and didn't tell the OTP to the delivery boy. The man complaint to the support team of Flipkart and in few days his complaint was responded to.

The Flipkart has refunded the money to the customer and thankfully that man is not in loss anymore. I don't know if he will try ordering again anytime soon , anyways.

So what do you think about this incident ? i must tell these cases are very very rare specially with flipkart , yes with local companies you can be fooled easily.

Anyways here is what you should always do , record a video while you are opening your package so that you can have a proof about what was really inside it.

That's a small measure you should take, thank you.

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