Blockchain is here to stay !

Few years ago people were not everyone was aware of blockchain and things that can be done from it. Majority people were only into trading crypto currency and nothing more than that.

But in the last two years people are talking about applications based on blockchain technology. People who learn about the fact that they can earn Crypto for free by working on many sites now.

Dtube , steemit , hive , blurt , blockchain games , etc are some examples where you can start free and earn good amount of crypto's.

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People are accepting the fact that this is the future. Who would have thought that people will able to earn money just by posting photos or playing games , blockchain has made this possible and that's why people are getting attracted here alot.

But what is next ? we are in the era where nfts have come , games have come , but what next ? will there be more of research and me stuff coming related to blockchain , only time will tell that.

How did you see the future or what do you think will be the next big thing in the world of Blockchain. Share your stand with me and get upvote on your comment.

Thank you

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