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Maybe I shouldn't comment. It might be dangerous for my health. But then again, I'm Irish.

The Heavy Heart.

A heart heavy with the weight of loss.
The burden carried not possible to see.
Unseen by others, the void inside.
Ripped to shreds, the logic from our mind.
The best part of us, torn from within.

The feeling you live, Be proud you did not toss.
A much greater cost, if we discard the fee.
From ourselves, It is much harder to hide.
In the struggles of life, there is gems to find.
Only after the grieving, does finding the gems begin.

That you carried the burden through the darkest holes.
That you took that path and did not flee.
When you carried on, burdened and tired.
Through those shredded thoughts, your self to bind.
There is a gem in everything you done.

I hope you find a reason to smile in there.


Thank you for sharing your beautiful poetic response. ❤️