Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour Part #4 - Clear the levels to end this chapter

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Wanting to end this chapter so I can check out the next one

Last Duke Nukem I accidentally put it as part #4 in the title when it was 3 haha!

I start with an ammo check in order to decide which weapon to start the stage with and so I know exactly what I have, ready to use.
Pistol is chosen and luckily, the enemies start as the easy to kill enemies.

I get hurt in a spot with a turret shooting at me, then have an enemy appear right next to me, blasting away and taking away some more of my health!

This stage is pretty easy, a few tough enemies and a few police pigs, but overall I don't have much more trouble but it took time to work out what to do which you won't see.
After the rocket takes off I finish the rest of the level with numerous enemies to be killed, block your ears with the bubble shooting alien and I happily move on from this level.

What lies throughout this new level? Well I manage to end up all the way down the bottom and trying to blow up walls. But I realised I could get back up on ledges so I reloaded back to the top to continue with the level.

There are a few hidden/out of the way spots to gain more ammo and goodies, but then it takes me a bit to work out the next best stop for where I go.
The San Andreas Fault tomestone shows the way!

Well look what we have here.. a weird ritual site with blood hand prints and secret moving walls.
The one thing that got me was the fact you can cross the lava due to protective boots, after all the games where lava means death, it didn't click to me at all haha.
Bad aim and dark corner show this to be a dangerous place.. Ow that sound that comes as I keep moving forward, close to the end I would say, it's super loud and well that just brings me to the boss for this chapter!

Holy crap that is one big, badass and tough looking boss!!!
I start throwing pipe bombs and then launching mass rockets at it, this ends with me having a tough time defeating the boss, tactic number 2? Well watch and see how that and the rest of the fighting goes!

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