Exode Update! And My Awesome Planet!


Use my referral link https://exodegame.com?ref=dc776f1 referral code at dc776f1 when buying your starter packs and we will both get alpha boosters, and you will get a chance to have a planet spawn close to mine 🚀


I will not be going over the specifics of Exode today you will find all game creator link in the post by jacob I linked at the top, but I will be sharing with you my New Planet I found with the newest update!

2021.12.07-22.34 (2).png

After what felt like a crucible run of trail by fire, involving thieving bandits beating my crew to death through multiple attempts at loading cargo during my evacuation because I didn't bring a gun I finaly just sent every crew memeber I had to go find any lawnmower sized gas can they could, scattered around the ship. Luckily after 6 or 7 people taking their sweet time refueling and getting my hyperdrive going, while we were under heavy fire from alien ships. I sent it and got out of there. After we got out of Warp I sent out a scan and there she was.

2021.12.07-22.56 (2).png

Gitty as a fat man with a box of twinkies I checked how lethal this venture would be

2021.12.07-23.55_01 (2).png
I like those odds

My Planet now in view, I can finaly see it. and I do believe she is a gold mine boys look at this beauty.

2021.12.08-00.10_02 (2).png
Never ending days so that the party dosen't stop. No immediate threats apon arival, Ocean region, Luxurious jungle for my resorts. Always a perfect temperature for my guests and thats not all!

2021.12.08-00.09_01 (2).png
Mining zones for some nice Hauls

2021.12.08-00.10_01 (2).png
It is a jungle planet, so you will never run out of plant life to descover!

2021.12.08-06.14 (2).png

2021.12.08-06.14_01 (3).png

I am really pleased with this update, and I'm very excited for the updates rolling out in the following weeks, like I said at the beginning use my referral code dc776f1 when buying a starter pack and you should get a planet near this beauty and some alpha packs. I hope to see you planetside! and to see my boy @marshmellowman get a good planet.


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