The reward for those that holds: Cryptocurrency angle


It has been an amazing journey so far for those that started cryptocurrency journey long ago. One thing that I noted is that in this space if you want to succeed you have to make sure that you are taking one step at a time. Just like what I have always hinted, cryptocurrency world is full of uncertainties, you can see that the newbie who you might be the one tutoring will end up doing well while you will still be struggling. If you find your self in that space you don't have to get your self bothered, just knows that there is pay day for everybody. You just have to know what you are doing and one day things will be better.



If you follow up with what we have recently with the rise in btc, you will noticed that the cryptoccurrency world favours almost every body. Yours might not be that big compared to that of Mr or Mrs B but at least we all can boost of achieving something through cryptoccurrency. Do you knows that I heard a story of a body who came into cryptocurrency and barely few weeks into race, he made a lot of money from it.

From his story it doesn't shows that he is the best trader or the most experienced cryptocurrency person in the world, it is just that I will say his time has arrived and that is why he was able to get such favour that took us by surprised why it seems that we are still here waiting for our time to come so that we can take our chances too. We all saw how coins that we called shit coins changes the live of individuals who bought and forget they have such coins holding to the fact that they thought that they have made wrong choices in buying such coin.

Continuing from the above story, just after few years, the coin they bought thinking the already lost their money changes their life for them. This is what cryptocurrency is all about, today you can be broke and tomorrow your success will broke the internet and your name will be all over the place. This is the uncertainties that I was referring to when it comes to cryptocurrency. You just have to be patient and at the rightful time, things will change and you will be glad you waited.

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We all that are into cryptocurrency today have made choices that have impact our lives positively or negatively, whatsoever situation that you find yourself you don't have to be upset. There is a better reward for you tomorrow. I learnt the hard way and today I am blaming myself for such decisions. I was holding Hunt token and even this Solana token which I got freely from airdrop that I partake in years ago. Did you knows that immediately I meet some of my friends, their advice is that they can't hold any coins, they will prefer to sell instantly.

I followed their advice and I started selling my cryptocurrency token because of the fact that I did not knows how to make research too. After some few years of selling those coins, it rises to a good amount of money and today assuming I was able to hold a little longer I could have been celebrating along with those celebrating too. Those that are celebrating today are simply those that believed in the project and were able to hold.


Don't just hold any coin you see all in the name of holders are winners. Cryptocurrency doesn't work like that. The space is full of uncertainties, learn to follow your mind and try to put it in prayers too. Before you think of holding any coin for a long run, try to make sure that you research properly about that project. If you love the project and you see that they have good plans for the future, you can as well hold it if your minds tells you to. Rememeber it is not just plans that can move the market, many good project are out there but they are still struggling to pitch their tenth. That is simply the reason why I keep saying that cryptocurrency is full of uncertainties. Despite remembers this that for sure holders of a good coin will surely celebrate someday.

My last advice is that you should try to hold exchange coins if you are thinking of long term and you shall be glad you take such decisions. I will end my post here but don't take my words as financial advice, learn to do your own research too. Remember any lost or gains that you came across through your cryptocurrency journey, you shall be held accountable for it.

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