Bee farming with Robiniaswap


On my last post I talked about what we should be expecting when it comes to the Robiniaswap project and one amazing thing they did while trying to push the project to an apex height is the fact that they did another burn which they promised the last time.


For those who didn't see my last post permit me to quickly run a debrief on what is expected. On my last post I chatted with the Robiniaswap team and they updated me about their plans. They said that they will be running more burn. What does this mean? We all knows that when more burn is being carried towards a coin there is always some glimpse of positive movement.

When there is burn of a particular coin, circulation will surely be reduced. Once such is reduced there is surely going to be increased in price. Now the increased might not show immediately but with time the impact will surely surface. Mind you, it doesn't mean that there will be positive price movement just because a burn is done, but one thing is for sure, the burn will have it impact being positive or negative. But because it reduces from circulation it will add more positive impact.

The other thing they promised is #farming. One good thing about the Robiniaswap project that I love is that once they promise they love leaving up to expectations. All the promise they made, they have always fulfilled it. Now they promise to come up with #Bee farming system through RBS and they delivered on that regard. This alone gladdens my heart and just two days back they were able to launch the program and it seems successful.


Now this is what you should know when it comes to the pool. First of all we have the #farm and the #pool. If you observe closely you will see that in the #pool you can easily deposit just a single type of token and you will start mining RBS token. If you are conversant with the website you will see that once you deposit maybe cake or #Bsteem token, you will see yourself earning RBS with ease. Pools are just straightforward, you just deposit and start earning.

When it comes to farming on the other hand, it has to do with two token and adding of liquidity. It is not advisable to go into it without seeking for proper guide. If you don't know what and how it operates just don't think of giving it a try. Just like what I said Farming is more difficult than the way you understand it. It is profitable for those who can invest big fund and not those with little money.

Bee farming

For those who wants to join the farming program, below is the link to do so.

Checking on the pool if you have RBS you can easily partake in the pool. The difference is that you need BNB and RBS to farm unlike on pool where you will just need RBS or a single token to farm.


Now if you have 1500 RBS, you will be needing same equivalent when it comes to BNB. If 1500 RBS is worth $50, that means you need $50 BNB worth for you to be able to be earning from the pool. Well, from what I said for those who have big fund to spare, they are the ones that will surely enjoy from this farming stuff.

The advantage of the pool on RBS

The good thing about this pool is that it will reduce the selling pressure on RBS on the main market. This is the more reason I love this farming system and with time I just wish everybody holds this token till it hits apex.

I have been hinting on others not to sell their RBS so cheaply, we all are now seeing the reward for holding. As time progresses, we will have more use case for RBS and those who sold cheaply will surely regrets it.


With the #Bee farming being introduced we all can see the beauty of holding RBS token. If you are a holder of RBS token and you have some BNB to deposit as liquidity then you will surely enjoy from this pool.

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For more information about Robiniaswap you can make do with the information below.

The website:

Robinia documentation:

Discord channel


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