The Music Of Spring/Summer 2021! Synthesis Underground - Down To Earth Race! Has Come Back To The Planet



It has been a bloody brutal year and this is what came out of it! This is what helped me survive to just be able to make some noise that found meaning once it was put all together. The experiments came when I found the time. Now fall is here and the winter ahead. I'm sharpening my inspirations to let go and have more come forth. Barely had time to socialize when some of the situation normalized. Now all the chaos has become more evident. Time to hold on tight and get it all out. May be more alone for awhile so now is the time to create.

The album is out on band camp and scheduled for all other streaming services on October 24th

The concept came from all the billionaires and their stupid Space Race which is actually a Rat Race. So I got the concept for a Down To Earth Race!! No more rat race!! That has been one of the most stressful bits to come out this year too with all the conspiracy theories and such. I noticed all the anti-social party people who just drink and smoke all the time are rather sexist and racist. They are the ones who bit biggest on the conspiracy theories. There are many more people like this as well. It's like they don't care about anything and will make up any kind of story that keeps them from having to look at the ugly truth. It's a playing the victim tactic they all cheer each other onto. It's like many people are all pie in the sky, you never see them outside of a bar or party. They will not see you in the daylight, only in the shadows. Well I have my standards. I want real love and friendship. I want people to actually get to know me. To get back down to earth so to speak.