The Last Great Breakfast Of Vacation!

There was a special restaurant we went to last year on vacation and it was really good! This time I got to try their breakfast at the end of the trip! I used to go to school in the same town as this restaurant. I went to this town to visit an old friend!

I was pretty hungry so I ordered one of the bigger breakfast options. French Toast, Farmers Sausage, 3 eggs and shredded hash browns. I actually ordered cubed hash browns but I didn't complain. My travelling friend ordered an omelette, they really enjoyed that as well!

I always enjoy special breakfasts on vacation! There are a few more that I will post about. Some of them were greasy spoon regular that I did not document. This one sort of was but I found it was beefed up a bit better. They did not have maple syrup but that's okay. Some other places did have maple syrup. That reminds me that I want to carry one of those little bottles of maple syrup around with me on vacation. I want to do that next time

Oh how I look forward to travelling again for more gastronomical delights! I can't wait to make some more food posts. Had some excellent Mexican food I want to post about.

Made a video clip of the breakfast experience!

Music in clip by Synthesis Underground