Had Awesome Japanese Food Feast And Drink!

During vacation in the big city hunger came one night and a Japanese restaurant was found!! I found the sushi there to be pretty special and tasty! I forgot what the rolls were called but it was a good variety. All of the sushi on the menu seemed a bit different and special. I really liked the variety. There were a few different kinds of sake and ordered one of those. I also got some rice beer to go with the meal as well!

The main sushi was super good! I liked the wasabi and ginger that goes with it!

Also ordered a little bit of sashimi as well

It was super good too

The garnish was edible!! The flower tasted super good! Don't know what it is called but it is not a dandelion, although it looks like one. The leaf is called a shiso leaf! I know this because one Japanese Restaurant I go to is called Shiso and it has a picture of this leaf. It is a popular ingredient in Japan. The taste is refreshing

Started the food off with some super good miso soup that night. The taste was superb, I wish I could have some right now. Very comforting soup

I also have some pictures of the rice beer that went with this special meal

I really liked the color and the taste was refreshing

They have matching cups to the bottle

I remember I felt so good after this. Went to a museum afterwards. It was an exciting and fun evening. One of my favourite meals of the vacation time

Made a video clip

Music in clip by Synthesis Underground







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