Epic Mexican Food Night!!

It was a very special Mexican feast!! Was staying Downtown Vancouver during part of the vacation and I wanted to try something different one night. So spotted this Mexican restaurant and was glad I did! I actually had quite a bit of Mexican on this trip. This one was special and authentic!

The main dish I ordered was chicken tortillas with mole sauce! There was no plate, limited utensils so it was mainly eaten with the hands. I would take a small tortilla put some chicken and the pickled vegetables, scoop some mole sauce and eat them. It was super awesome! The mole sauce was really good!! You got a basket of hot corn tortillas and they were perfect

I started the meal off with a special drink! They have a whole menu of different tequilas!! So I ordered a Mezcal Margarita! It was so good! Felt real good and mellow after drinking. I even ordered a second one. The rim was really good too. It put me in a very celebratory mood

My friend also ordered some food, some kind of soft tacos, the photos came a bit blurry. Still would like to share. I think it may have been fish

For appetizer we ordered a shrimp platter. It was super good too. The tortilla chips and vegetables with it were a taste sensation!!

I left feeling really good after I ate. If I go to that city again I would like to go there again. There are many other menu items I would like to try

Made a video of the meal!

Music in video by Synthesis Underground







looks so tempting.... it's seems that you enjoyed your food alot... thanks for sharing...
keep hiving