Different Version Of Previous Track - Synthesis Underground - Dissinformed


I changed around a track a bit and added some new sounds. I doubled some progressions with different sound instruments. Added some effects. I was just having fun! with the sound of the song. The first version had voices in it, in this one it does not. I spent more time adding eq to the tracks and the final track. It was a good process to do for awhile to see what I could do. I like how the experiment ended up! I still add some different voice to it later on. I am excited to get onto a new song after this

Here is the track

The other version sounds a bit different. I like the contrast. I also recorded a version of no voices of this next one as well. The song is a bit long though I find it interesting enough. I got the back track from finding older songs that were left unfinished. I found a few of them. I decided to use them to jam and experiment on the computer.

here is the first version Synthesis Underground - Diss Inhibited

I'm pretty excited for music right now. Have been playing a bit more guitar lately. Also set up a drum set in the basement! It's been a long while since I set the drums up. Looking forward to jamming and making up stuff tomorrow

Here are some music links to the Synthesis Underground project