Frustrated are losers that rise up to maim,
Lost in much ways just to come up with blame,
Winners are losers that turned up in class,
Either you learn or just take the pass.

Learn from your errors to develop your game,
Of no help is the blame that you often lay claim,
Loss is a valley to walk and to learn,
A win is a medal you should be willing to earn.

Losses are often the murderers of men,
Just like a writer with a book and no pen,
Zeal to improve is a big step to win,
No knowledge is lost should be the driver within.

Cut short complain and be stronger to go,
Cereals you can't harvest when legumes are sown,
Loss small or big is a process to win,
As it all happens is more than is seen.

Complains are for losers that dwell all on loss,
Loss as it seems is a personal cross,
Blame not a winner for the setback you earned,
Losses are lessons for you to amend.

All want the win with no stress adjoined,
Unfruitful are some days for the lion to hunt,
Streaks don't last long for reality must knock,
Reality as a teacher are the losses incurred.

Losers don't win when they fail to compete,
Winners don't lose when they fail to deplete,
Mindset towards life are the trophies obtained,
Whichever is obtained depends on the path you maintained.


Different set of people classified into two groups are found to roam the earth, as some win while others lose. The winners are the risk takers that don't quit on life, as hardship and challenges doesn't stop their focused tracks. They fight no matter the hurdles just to achieve their goals, as their zeal to be successful have the strength of a rock. Meanwhile, there are the losers that want the win without trying. They quit on anything without having second thoughts, as the easiest of ways are always on the radar for them. Just like pigeons, they go where the benefits are high, as loyalty seems to be the least of their attributes. These two sets make up the entirety of the world with one wanting it more over the other. One major and interesting factor is that winning and losing work hand-in-hand towards a consistent reign of success. This is due to losses being an educational centre where lessons are learnt and mistakes are fixed, towards achieving a lifetime of wins. However, the harsh fact is that winners and losers will remain irrespective of the lessons. The side you choose to find yourself is based on the magnitude of the decisions you decide to make.



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I love the rhyming scheme. I haven't tried my hand on poetry lately, I should do so.

Beautiful piece.

Really, the different between winners and losers is the never ending zeal to keep trying even after the might have lost.



I'm glad you got the message. Thanks very much 🙏🏻