The Federal Republic of Nigeria is the most popular country in the whole of Africa. With a population of over 211 million and 36 states, the country stands out as the largest in the Western region of Africa. Nigeria is blessed with several minerals and agricultural resources such as gold, bitumen, limestone, coffee, cocoa, kolanuts, and more. Although this country has several riches attached to it, the economy is in a huge state of decline. This is due to several barriers having a negative effects on the on the socio-economic potentials of the country. These barriers include corruption, unemployment, insecurity, division, poor infrastructural amenities, inflation, food insecurities, and more.

The most significant elements among these barriers are corruption and insecurity, which have both negatively contributed to the downfall of the economy. Presently, the state of Nigeria economy is at the mercies of crime and terrorism, which are playing a huge part in the aspect of insecurity. With uncountable bloodshed and abductions skyrocketing, almost every part of the country seem to be presently unsafe for the average and less-privileged citizens. Furthermore, corruption as the main source of decline plays a major role in causing huge separations between the rich and poor living in the country. With the looting and unexplainable disbursement of funds, the efforts of the common man in Nigeria has been rendered useless. This has led to several twist of fates for several citizens, with most becomong unemployed while others have succumbed to crime and other illegal activities. For example, a novice with strong background connections is more preferred for a specific job role than a certified graduate with a degree. This is due to the management of the organization indulging in the full act of corruption, which in turn renders the purpose of education useless.

Another notable barrier to the improvement of the country is the lack of investment in the youth system. This act is found to be rampant in every major part of the country, where old and weary individuals are preferred to strong and able-bodied youths. Based on this condition, talents and dreams of the youths have been buried without any minor or major exposures to their name. Also, the youths do not have a major say in the activities of the country, as freedom of speeches and expressions in a bid to be heard had been considered as a crime punishable by law. This has led to most of the youths resigning to fate and partaking in several series of criminal acts, such robbery, hooliganism, and most especially fraud. With most also exhibiting gross behaviours due to high impact of drug abuse and other dangerous substances, the youth system of the country is totally down to rubbles. Therefore, this prompted different questions based on the emergence of a "New Nigeria", through the roles and functions of the youths.

Based on the above descriptions, the following are the expectation of the youths in the emergence of a "New Nigeria".

1. UNITY: The bond of the Nigerian youths as one body should be the first approach towards the creation of a new system, where the stand and existence of the youth structure is highly recognized and appreciated. "United we stand, divided we fall", this is a motto popularly used all over the country, indicating that unity is a strong factor that should be initially considered by the youths, towards the emergence of a new country.

2. FIXED AND UNBIASED PRIORITIES: This should be the line of action after the uniting of youths had been achieved. Having strong-willed priorities that are fixed and unbiased helps in showing the seriousness towards a particular aim, while strengthening the impact of unity. This allows all bonded youths to share similar mindsets with no objections flagged towards misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

3. DEMOCRATIC POLICIES: This is a factor that should be employed by the youth associations fighting hard for the emergence of a new country. All members should have the right to share ideas with one another, towards arriving at decisions generally convenient for developmental purposes. The ability to listen and accommodate one another's idea is a major development to achieving a better Nigeria.

4. EXHIBITION OF VISIONS, MISSIONS, AND IDEAS: The exhibition of intentions to the general public is a big step towards the emergence of a better country. This is achieved through the help of social and broadcasting media, which provides the youths with the opportunities to communicate their wills and agendas to the listening public.

5. NATIONAL AND COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT: Based on a common saying, "No agenda is taken serious without a move", the youths should agree on certain projects to be nationally and environmentally conducted, in a bid to create awareness on the emergence of a better country. These empowerments should be environmentally friendly with a view to have a very strong impact on certain deficiencies of the country, especially unemployment. They should also have great and positive effects on the public, in order to obtain much supports towards being locally and internationally recognized.

6. BATTLE AGAINST BAD GOVERNANCE AND CORRUPTION: The youths should defy all odds to be able to speak up against bad governance and corruption, as it is very clear that the proper management of the country and its funds are good avenues to achieve positive developments. These opinions and battles to restore sanity to Nigeria should be willingly conducted without any violent misconduct, to avoid going against the initiative of the youth groups.

7. GOOD SOCIAL INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS WITH COMMUNITIES: The youth groups should have good interpersonal relationships with all communities across the country, in order to be recognized as sources of development having the interest of the entire public at heart.


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