Ode to coffee.

Dark and rich, a symphony of taste,
A morning ritual, to set the pace.
A sip of warmth, to chase away the fog,
A pick-me-up, to jumpstart the body like a jog.


The charm in your acidity is what I desire daily,
Your creamy body on my tongue feels like I'm in heaven,
My antidote for every stress

Oh coffee, sweet nectar of the gods,
With aroma so rich, it breaks through the odds.
From the moment the beans are roasted to perfection,
Your scent brings joy and satisfaction.
Your taste, a symphony of flavors,
A perfect blend of bitter and sweet, never to waiver.
Your power, a jolt to the senses,
A boost to the mind and a balm to defenses.
In every sip, a journey begins,
Taking us away from our worries and sins.
Oh coffee, you are a Daily

Oh coffee, dark elixir of the gods,
A brew that invigorates, stimulates, and nods,
To all who seek comfort in a steaming cup,
Your bitter sweet aroma rises like a pup.

You bring life to a weary soul,
A pick-me-up, making us whole,
In moments of stress and toil,
Your warm embrace makes us smile.

From the hills of Ethiopia,
Where the first beans were grown,
You have journeyed far and wide,
A constant companion by our side.

Your rich, robust flavor,
Soothes the senses, and we savor,
Every sip, every drop,
As we enjoy each moment non-stop.

Oh coffee, we raise our cup,
In gratitude, and cheers to your uplifting touch,
You bring people together,
A unifying force that lasts forever.

Coffee, my dear, you are my addiction,
My guilty pleasure, my daily conviction.

For the love of coffee☕



Solo con leer sucumbo al placer de una deliciosa taza de café, que con este frío intenso cae de lo mejor. Excelente escrito de verdad. Saludos 🤗


Muchas gracias. Realmente aprecio 🤍