Rising Star Journal #61: TUESDAY Power Leveling Max EXP & STARBITS!!!



Hello everyone! How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are doing great and had enjoyable time in Rising Star coz I am! xDD

I just realize that now we have new card for vehicle, Its the S23 Pizza Bike

The price is 25.00 Pizza with 109 / 2500 supply, and for me this is a fair price for this card atm. I definitely will get this card into my collection!

Oh and not to forget that I already received a Skill boost card from Jux!!

For anyone of you guys wonder how did I get this card, It was from the Radio Evolve live stream giveaway. Every Sunday at 3am my time gmt+8 (laughing with tears T_T, but its really worth it xD) they will do live stream and plays cool and awesome music by the Rising Star artist. But the best thing is there is a card give away!! Everyone have a chance to get it!

So lets us together join the next Radio Evolve live stream next Sunday coz the more people the merrier.

New card update! Last night I obtained new cards.


R89 Mouse | R94 Stig

I am very happy to welcome this new cards into my collection!! (^o^)vv

Now for my daily progress in @risingstargame


Today the pizza drop was good. I had 4 pizza from missions and I have not yet use any of my pizza stock. xD

My current achievement:
Total mission = 1931 / 2000

Home Town
Illegal Busking = 432
Open Mic Night = 203
Mid Week Support = 152
Licensed Busking = 22
Midweek Headline Slot = 46
Saturday Support = 8
Saturday Headline = 33

Local Gig Circuit
Radio Interview = 362
Radio Studio Session = 17
Shopping Mall Performance = 232
Record A Demo = 23
Local Festival Acoustic Tent = 23
Local Mini Tour Support = 24

69 mission left to reach 2000 total mission!

My strategy was, while trying to level up fast, at the same time try to get as much as Starbits as I can. Utilizing my pizza stock to the max. But sometimes I had to choose between EXP or Starbits by taking account the time for a mission to finish with what ammount of Starbits that I can get.

But Luck will be the major factor whether you can get more Starbits on certain mission or not, by luck I mean real life luck xD not the In game luck that used as a factor to gain Skill Points.

And below are my current rank as for today.
Highest Rank: #119
My current rank went up to #119 from previous rank #130. This surprise me that I managed to get another new highest rank record in less than a week. :O but anyways xD keep on progressing steadily.

My current card collections :

Common People cards:
29/38 : 76% Obtained (+0%)

Rare People Cards:
40/53 : 75% Obtained (+3%)

Epic People Cards:
4/16 : 25% Obtained (+0%)

No new cards obtained today.
And that is for today's progress at Rising Star Game

Keep on ROCKING!! and HIVE ON!!
Current Market (STARPRO)
Highest Bid : 3.10000499 (Higher than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 3.99999000 (Higher than yesterday)

Current Market (STARBITS)
Highest Bid : 0.00037000 (Lower than yesterday)
Lowest Ask : 0.00039098 (Lower than yesterday)

The Starbits price is still in stable range for 67 days around 0.00038 average.

Starpro price still stable for 19 days, around 3.5000 average today. A big difference between the Bid and Ask price, People are trying to sell the STARPRO with higher price but with STARBITS price become much lower now I suppose it was because of the world tour mission that keeps the STARPRO price still within this range.


Great progress dude. Those !PIZZA bikes are going fast! We gotta hustle!!


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