Tau-raghallach: re-opening HIVE server


Tau-Raghallach is a multipurpose and HIVE oriented discord server; it had a few iteration till now, but this is its official HIVE profile.
Invite link is on the bottom.
It serves as a database, warning center and an archive, and mostly for information gathering or/and communication about anything crypto/earning related.
Even closed I used the convenience of a server frequently for my own things.

These are the channels that I am reopening to public:

  • announcements - whatever related to server, for example this post
  • general - normal channel, no links
  • post-promotion - whatever earning-blogging websites links
  • garage - anything about earning opportunities
  • faucet - it is tip.cc bot, maybe I could find more of these
  • archive - stored links, no posting here
  • airdrops - airdrop feed, no posting - take caution this is taken from public postings on other websites
  • banjo - favorite Hive bot
  • ginabot - notification bot for Hive
For now this is it, other channels, entertainment and bots will be added to members when I tidy up the place.

Notifications? - If any, they will be from announcements channel( usually warnings and important updates) and won't go out frequently.

Discord invite link: https://discord.io/Tau-Raghallach