Discord server: How to find discord servers to join


Discord is the favorite communication platform of most of the Hive members.
When you sign up with it you won't create a server for your own needs.
The first thing you will do is the reason why you will make an account, and that is to join Hive groups.

Some Hive groups or servers have custom made invite links and others have a normal link.
Tau has a custom link, and normal one you can make within a server when clicking a small icon next to a channel name.

Inside of our server there is a channel with some of the Hive discord servers. I included some from other pages and some other servers that are about crypto blogging.

I usually don't join in with the servers that are only for the cryptocurrency. This goes for any of them, not because of any particular reason but because an immense amount of spam.

When you signup you should go to the Settings of your account and set up privacy and safety in the best way you like.
Take in notice, if you are a member of many servers you will receive a lot of notifications. So you should omit some of those notifications or you will go crazy.

If you are using a bots that are only for one server, you could lose an access to a bot if you omit direct messages.
You will find it , it is the 'Allow direct messages from server members' in the privacy settings.

If you want to search and find servers to join you can visit some of these pages:

Discord invite link: https://discord.io/Tau-Raghallach