Defeating YODIN ZAKU with the normal alpha/beta summoner ALRIC STORMBRINGER

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Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the SPLINTERLANDS and today I am goin to share one of my battle against YODIN ZAKU with the normal alpha/beta summoner ALRIC STORMBRINGER which is a water summoner.

As all of us know about the BLAST ability of YODIN ZAKU which make the fire team very devastating to battle with. It is very difficult to win against the ZAKU without any legendary summoner.

But for my this win with the ALRIC STORMBRINGER which has the ability to increase one magic attack of all of my friendly monsters that is very helpful to kill the enemy monster with the armors or the SHILED ability.

This life summoner is also very cheap to rent from the market nowadays and works very well for mostb of the matches matches.

And this is one of my favorite summoner with cheap rensting cost matches.
Let's watch the battle, hope you will enjoy it.

And, If you want to be a proud member of the Splinterlands community and enjoy the magical world of hundreds of monsters and strategies for your battle where you will have the opportunities of amazing battles with some extraordinary monsters with amazing abilities which will uplift your online gaming experience to a new level. You can enter into the Splinterverse through this link sign up to join splinterlands


Thank you so much for your time and attention.
I will catch you at the next.

All the images are prepared by me from the splinterlands and peakmonsters resources.


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