How I won against YODIN ZAKU with the LORNA SHINE summoner of LIFE TEAM!

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Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying the SPLINTERLANDS and today I am goin to share one of my battle against YOEDIN ZAKU with the normal dice summoner LORNA SHINE.
As all of us know about the BLAST ability of YODIN ZAKU which make the fire team very devastating to battle with. It is very difficult to against the ZAKU without any legendary summoner. But win with the LORNA SHINE which has the devine shield ability that protects the monsters from any kind off attack for the first first time.
This life summoner is also very cheap and works very well at the low MANA matches. And this is one of my favorite summoner for low MANA cap matches.
Let's watch the battle, hope you will enjoy it.

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