Art Special: Takyarts' Digital Art Check


When was the last time you have checked your art progress and maybe rated your drawings? Around three months ago, a fun activity was shared on the art channel ArtPark called the Digital Art Check.

There are nine categories you have to fill with an artwork you've done in the past. The goal of the Digital Art Check is, of course, to keep track of your journey as a digital artist and possibly, your improvement as well.

Without further ado, here is my Digital Art Check!


I just love how it formed a color theme for each column. Have you noticed it too? The first column had pink and red colors, the second column had purple and yellow colors, and the third had green. Cool.. :D

Favorite Drawing

sunflower LiSA14.jpg

My current favorite drawing has to be LiSA holding a bouquet of flowers for her birthday this year. I was really happy that I have decently drawn and colored her (well, just for me. lol), so yes, this has got to be my favorite drawing. Please don't mind the bouquet. I was already tired as I've put all my effort on drawing LiSA's face and hair.

Least Favorite Drawing

bat day14.jpg

Maaan! I had a couple of drawings on the least favorite drawing department but I chose this artwork because I find her face weird. I drew this for the Banana and Bat Day, merged the two celebrations together and so I got a bat lady holding out a banana. Lol. This is one of my drawings that I wish to forget but was dug out for the sake of the digital art check. But I kind of like how I styled her outfit. :)

Took the Shortest

random june4.jpg

Surprisingly, this was among the digital drawings which took me the shortest. I have simple drawings which took me only short time but this was the digital painting which I can say, I've drawn quickly. Well, if compared to my usual time spent on making digital paintings.

This drawing wasn't planned at all. I was just scribbling my brush until I realized I was able to create a silhouette of a face, and there I continued drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, and hair. This one only took me around two hours. Such a feat for someone who finishes digital painting not less than five hours!

Took the Longest

minion lisa42.jpg

For the drawing that took me the longest, it would be this minion version of LiSA during her LiTTLE DEViL PARADE album. This was the time she was so obsessed with minions and so I drew a minion version of her.

Guess how long this took me to finish? Oh, just a week! The details were so taxing, from her coat, boots, hair, and the cute megaphone. I remember only doing one part per day because it exhaust me drawing all those details. Also, this was the time, I was drawing each strand of hair just to make it look at least close to being realistic. Can you feel the pain of my hand drawing this piece?


new nib2.jpg

This is just a random sketch I did after replacing the nib of my Wacom Intuos Comic pen for the first time. Actually, it was just a few months ago. I used the Rough Sketch pencil and drew a girl staring evilly with her legs crossed. I added a single color shade just for it to have a color and then added yellow color for her shadow.

Just for Fun


This was for the Sailor Moon Day last year, I thought it would be fun if I turned the ONE OK ROCK band into Sailor Moon characters. Hehe! It was really really fun and some fans who saw this drawing like it. :)

Oldest Art


The oldest art I found on my laptop was this. Pucca. It was for an activity for our Multimedia subject in 2012. I think the instruction here was to create a character using simple shapes to learn how to use the program Macromedia Flash 8. I remember I spent some time to create this since I am only using a mouse.

Anatomy Error


For the anatomy error, I choose this LiSA drawing I did early this year. It was supposed to be LiSA standing with slightly feet apart while her head slightly tilted to the side to look cool. However! I failed and LiSA looked like she broke her neck and she looks like she's about to pee. It was a failed drawing, maybe I'll redraw this when I get better.



I don't think I have a drawing I can consider edgy but for gore, this is what I have. A lady smiling with her mouth sewn and hair like Sadako's. This was a drawing for Quiet Day last year. I actually kind of like this drawing. One of goals is to draw creepy stuff. I hope I can do it one day!

Digital Art Check is a fun activity every digital artist should do. It's a great way to collage your art that would surely give you feelings of love, appreciation, and cringe. Haha!

If you want to do the Digital Art Check, here's is the template:


Have fun!

taky hive banner2.jpg