Nice evening


Strawberry pie

Limon pie


Two days before the end of the fasting month, my friend invited me and the kids to spend an evening at her house. Because soon we won't have to fast anymore, and habits like going out at night for a stroll or visiting family or friends in the evening, and the long prayers of this month, will stop until next year.

Of course, for those who want to fast throughout the year, they can, but not continuously for a month.

So, right after breaking the fast, my kids and I went to visit my friend. Of course, my kids were excited to go visit her.

When we arrived at her place, her children rushed to greet us and immediately took my kids by the hand to take them to their room, probably to show them new games and gadgets.

And there was my friend finally appearing, wiping her hands with her kitchen apron, with a big smile, welcoming us and inviting us into her dining room. The table loaded with cakes, mind you, she made them all, a true culinary expert. And the taste, let me tell you, was pure delight.

As usual, we didn't stop chatting. My lovely friend talked to me about the preparations for the upcoming celebration. Me a'd the kids had a great time and enjoyed the delicious cakes with some good tea.