Meditation : Why do I desire to be in a relationship?

Feel in your heart, meditate on why you want to be in a relationship.


If it is for security, forget it, for through relationship we find our greatest insecurities.

If it is to feel complete, forget it, because through the relationship our faults become even more evident.

If it is to feel happy, forget it, the relationship potentiates, but if these seeds are not cultivated inside, there will be no one who can make them bloom.

But when we choose to relate through evolution, we open ourselves to live an intense sharing of life, to welcome our essence, and to explore with awareness and self-responsibility the greatest challenges and the greatest adventures a Human Being can access....


Through this choice, we surrender to the will of the soul! To relate through full awareness of finding the path of truth, of love, of connection with the All, is the soul's most genuine desire.

I am very grateful for our choice to make quantum leaps, to experience transmutations, to spread love, and to be a vector of summation in people's lives. We came to serve love!

Love you @rhavi 💙 Love us !