"Hemispheres of the brain"

Hello friends! Tiday I decided to draw a illustration of the theme of hemispheres of the brain.
The Left hemisphere is responsible for: logical thinking;
Analysis of all the facts;
Language abilities;
Reading and writing skills;
Memorizing facts, dates, names
Recognition of numbers and symbols;
Solving math problems

The nature of the left hemisphere:
Such people love organization and order, they always try to comply with all deadlines and schedules. They can easily perceive information by ear.


What the right hemisphere is responsible for:
Processing of non-verbal information, which is expressed not in words, but in symbols and images;
Musical ability, as well as the ability to perceive music;
Understanding metaphors;
Dreams and fantasies;
Writing various stories;
Ability for fine arts;
Face recognition.


The nature of the right hemisphere:
These people are extremely emotional, capable of empathy, compassion. Failures are close. Their mood is often unstable.


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