Complexion of Life.


I was in the reminiscence of my childhood and it leads to different emotions. , this blog is about the vastness in 'Complexion of Life' interpreted in regards to 'You & Beyond You' on the pursuit of " Discovering You".

I believe every community has its own design for the infant and caring for the child. Here, The mustard oil massage to child's body, mustard grains loose pillow for the child to shape the head accordingly, or the growing up nurturing; all go with the locally made goods. While The family spends the most time shaping the outer physical body.

Things change as you grow up, now the family starts looking for the brain. The words of moral value start to get prioritized. The one good thing to shape us where we are today. And, then comes the selection of school; the physical nurturing turns to mental nurturing. Now, this has a serious issue. The roots of mental nurturing are most of the time imposed by the social structure, the relatives' hearsay, or the optimism of the family dream. As a result, the child is turned to believe what the family believes. But, some lucky ones find the path in what the family believes.
But in all these. Childhood is the best part of life. We do whatever we want, have fun, make friends, play games, etc. There's no obligation to choose what you really want. In case someone asks, What do you want to be in the future? one would simply reply, Doctor, pilot, or engineer. Whatever the case, there was all looked out an as a clear path in the future. What a blessing was childhood.

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I would really have an intersection of these in my life. And, then the decision will be based on the growth with differences, not societal fitting.

Wrapping up childhood, the young age is the age of hope. Then there would likely start the collision of your interests to the currently existing social interests. More discovery, and more understanding of life and a clear picture to whatever you chose. The expectation of victory, but the likeliness of failure. The change of academic layout, the change in your body, mind, dreams, and passion. As you more put yourself in the real world, the more clear it gets to you in regard to the whole life process. Coming up to a young age, how should look into you, or how your life has been? is merely a no-question. It is the process you embrace through your self-improvement.

Break-down of Self Improvement.

A Deviant:
Besides the societal social norms, the society has its own mental norms for mental labeling, value, and learning. In the whole process, society most of the time fails to believe in the child's passion and dream. Dreams of singers, artists, or sportspeople are kept aside. Who are the ones who became the ones in the recognition of their talents? I would call them deviant. A good one. Societal hierarchy and the dreams to fit in, create no environment to ask the child, What you want? A child is perceived to be deviant if not followed the way. I believe it's fine to get them involved in family dreams and compassion, but the degree to bend the passion of the child creates no future.

If not left with the moral values, the times are complicated to turn things into a mishap as well. Deviance in reality is a different thing, that I have no intention to relate to.

Be a deviant.

Caring yourself:

There could be a passing of rollercoaster of emotions in you since your childhood. A child is very inexpressive in most of the families I know of. The compassion, fear, societal value, and everything have deep-rooted to be more focused in defining "What would people say?" In this process, we forget to care for ourselves. What's caring for yourself? To me, it's not getting carried away by family and social conditions. I guess most of the time we would have said to ourselves, Nobody asks me what I want? That would less likely to happen because everyone has their own perspective towards you, your life, and your space. There could be less of the mode of not to think much from the other side. That I guess needs to be eradicated with time. You care for yourself physically and mentally because it's your life in the end that all matters.

Stop Overthinking & Do no Compromise to Self-happiness
I believe the norms and the belief lead most of the time into a constraint of living. As a result, whatever step you take turns out to be an overthinking process. The questions of What if? I shouldn't try this, and I shouldn't try that. This is a feeling of how things would turn out in incase of my doings. There is always a process on how things could have been done and how things could have changed. Personal life is often compromised as openness is lost. The reason for this is not based on the overthinking of anything but not having a turmoil of emotions to put yourself in stress or anxiety. Because family norms say it's all fine, and the occurrence of problems is the root for self-exploitation. In the end, the question to the action on doing your will, How would society/family react to it? This has a wide range of asking yourself. We live in a diverse world with diverse feelings, happiness, space. The compromise to self-happiness is brutal to the living as a result of societal acceptance in regards to action doing no physical or mental harm to anyone. Personal topics are not often shared as a result of marking it with overthinking in regard to biased judgment. Meet people you love, and do things you always wanted to do. Either you had to call your friend and say, I miss you, or Let's meet. There is all possible case of how the friend would reflect on your words but it would also paint a clear picture of self-happiness.

It's okay not to be okay:
There are plenty of things to consider on this topic. But, I would go with failures and a state of mind. The main reason to get lost in the social hierarchy and to be in constant need of seeking acceptance is to be in the social circle. Sometimes, I think we must have a clear picture of ourselves and the position we stand in. There could be necessary obligations made to reflect ourselves with excellence. There is always seeking constant success in family need, and within that, there would be a different rollercoaster of emotions.
The brain is difficult to understand, and there are circumstances where anything personal issue is regarded as a self-illusion. Some topics like sex, mental health, bad hygiene are not talked about in the family circle. And, these are always avoided in open discussion in the society. This topic has a lot to do with mental well-being. But are often looked like fear and are avoided in social discussion.

The Other Side:

Sometimes it's not about me. But, the other side of the picture. Aren't they important? The society we live in, the love, and the happiness we share. Is it all bad? Is there only sadness, judgments? NO!!
There is love, there is value, and there is a moment to cherish. Are all people conscious of our life wrong? NO. There is also a degree to which we need to reflect on ourselves as human beings and look to contribute. I basically have involved myself in thousands of social welfare activities. But, still, it keeps me going to serve even the change is not there. There is hope, value, and love to what you do. In this process, society cherishes you as well. Society gave us a place to prosper. Every journey you went through is now learning to live. But, some components of society are framed in a way there is an unconscious obligation of ego that somewhere surrounds the air of society. It's all an excuse to make or change yourself to create better value which all can reflect upon. It's on us.

I realized at a point in time, there's a life to live. And, it could only be lived when you don't plan for perfection and seek societal acceptance. We have moved this into most of the present world in social media, and seek our virtue of life in social flex.
The change starts within us.

This topic is completely based on my interpretation. And, is applicable to a place I know.