Gnarly E-Bike Build - Introduction - Unboxing Video


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An intro post should be something special. I did the best I could to make this one just that. Presenting the Surron Light Bee X

My kids have never driven any motorized vehicles except for electric unicycles, and if I could, I would have motocross bikes for them to learn on - the law here would have them in their thirties before that would be possible.

I had a mini-bike when I was fourteen and I wanted them to learn how to ride something with a bit of power. This bike has it - lots of it.

Unboxing Video

My kids talk to me in English and so do most salespeople who want to sell me a product. I put enough English into this video so that you would be able to understand what is happening. Only three of the people present spoke English, including me.

I mentioned in this video that my son got the job working at this place. He has been there for several weeks now, and he builds these bikes and many other kinds of electric vehicles on a daily basis.

The Surron is very similar to the Segway but beggars can't be choosers here in South America. I will take the first brand to enter the country.

Some stats...

Top speed: 52kmh (35mph)
Time to charge: 3-4 hours
Range: Consistant 70kms (45miles)
(that may vary when we start pushing it)

I am surprised that we are permitted to drive this anywhere in the city with zero complaints from police officers. If we every ride on sidewalks, I would expect to be stopped. Police here see things as black or white. It is either perfectly legal or not legal at all.

Up until now, it has been perfectly legal to ride without a helmet or glasses, though we choose to wear glasses to keep things out of our eyes.

My step son bought a 125cc motorcycle more than a year ago. He is still jumping through hoops to get a license, fill out paperwork, do his vaccinations, registration, taxes, fees, and much much more.

I refuse to be a trained seal - so I don't drive. EUC's work well to get me from point A to B.

There will be more on our progress learning to push this bike to its limits. Stay tuned - Thanks for watching and subscribing.

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