Literally Taco Salad



A couple of weeks ago I felt like having tacos but was really caught up into I really should make something to go with some left over salad. I justified making the tacos by deciding to throw the salad on top. After all there was already the lettuce and tomatoes in the salad. (This is the kind of logic that prevails while under a lock down) (lol) It was actually so good that this week I decided to do the same with the soft shells that came in the box with the hard shells I used a couple weeks prior.

You can make any combination of stuff you like for a salad but here is how I make mine:

Take a medium size bowl and wet it down inside. Turn it upside down while you retrieve your items from the refrigerator. Then flip the bowl back up and sprinkle garlic powder around inside the bowl, it will stick to the sides from the moisture.

Chop or slice up, toss inside bowl to mix:

2 cups of lettuce
3 or 4 large size mushrooms
1/4 quarter of a green pepper
1 to 2 tomatoes depending on size
1/2 cucumber
1 carrot

For meat brown up one pound of hamburger then season with your favorite taco seasoning.

Put the meat on whatever type shell you are using then top with cheese. You can top with your favorite topping, this time around I used some left over hot green pepper sauce, other things I've use of course is sour cream or guacamole sauce. I would imagine that some guacamole sauce would send this combination right over the top.