Hello all Hive block Chain platform users, this is one of my first post on this lovely, energetic and full of life platform where we can meet and make many friends and getting endless knowledge..

I have created my account few days before but not posted on this tag... My best friend @guurry123 and @kamalhs had helped me and made me to understand about the beauty of this lovely energetic platform..

Professionally I am a Master degree holder and works from home ...

My hobby is reading inspiring books as they motivate to take new challenge in life... I also study book related to my education background to remain updated with latest version and knowledge required to competative in this world..

This platform was introduced by @kamalhs and after the introduction i flet why i had not been here few years before why I missed this opportunity.. but the past is past, we will start from today..

@guurry123 had helped in opening this account.. helped in understanding every smallest thing of this platform, he also explained how we can make this a source of earning and it depends on me how much time I will available on this platform..

With this introduction, I am posting my one of the first post on this platform.. hope to add many and many more in coming time...

Your all help, support and advice will be highly appreciated...

Thank you for reading my post. If you like my Post please Upvote and reblog..