Health Tips:Pomegranate fruit health story/Pomegranate is a natural insulin that controls diabetes, lowers blood pressure and the risk of arthritis. Pomegranate prevents breast cancer.


Pomegranate is one of the most nutritious and juicy fruits. Although this fruit is known to everyone, many people cannot afford to eat this fruit as it is expensive. But because it is rich in many nutrients, this fruit must be eaten for all the benefits of the body. In rural areas, people used to plant pomegranate trees at home and eat pomegranates. So the previous people could live a much healthier life.IMG_20211018_211041.jpg

But now people have forgotten to eat pomegranate among many modern fruits. Even then, people do not want to buy pomegranate because it is a very expensive fruit. Pomegranate is much more nutritious than other fruits. So even if the price is high, this fruit should be eaten. You should also plant this fruit tree at home and eat the fruit. Pomegranate is called natural insulin. So doctors told diabetics to eat pomegranate to control diabetes. As we all know, natural fruits contain disease control herbs. And if you take these natural medicines properly, you can get rid of the disease forever.IMG_20211018_211134.jpg

Many years ago there was no modern and advanced physician and no medicine. At that time people used to use these natural fruits as the only medicine to cure the disease. Pomegranate is a natural medicine. Pomegranate is naturally red in color and juicy. And this juicy fruit contains potassium, zinc, vitamin-C, thiamine, magnesium and all other elements. Pomegranate can be eaten in different ways. Pomegranate seeds are eaten after peeling. Pomegranate juice can also be eaten.

Let us know some of the benefits of pomegranate:

★Pomegranate is a natural insulin and is an antidote for diabetes

★Pomegranate juice enhances the memory of people of all ages from young to old

★Helps to normalize blood pressure

★Strengthens bones

★Increases hemoglobin levels

★Eliminates anemia

★Increases blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart attack

★Prevents breast cancer

★Eliminates bacterial problems

★Quite beneficial for arthritis disease

★Increases body performance

★Keeps eyesight good

I love to eat pomegranate for the above benefits. I also like to eat pomegranate fruit to be a sweet fruit. Friends, if you also want to get rid of the above diseases, then eat pomegranate every day from today and keep the body healthy. Give us a chance to know what you think and support me.

Eat natural medicine and live a healthy life

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The seeds look like little gemstones. 🤩 I've never opened a pomegranate fruit on my own before but I have eaten their seeds. They're quite expensive here in the Philippines but I know they're very healthy as you've listed in your post.


They're quite expensive here in the Philippines but I know they're very healthy as you've listed in your post.

Yeah,You are right, pomegranate is very expensive in our country too now. But a long time ago we had a pomegranate tree, and that tree was planted by my grandfather. We got a chance to eat a lot of pomegranates. And it has many benefits. Thank you for your beautiful compliments.