Loading Shedding is frustrating in Pakistan, installation of UPS


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It's a common problem

Load shedding / power outage is common problem in our country Pakistan From the last 2 decades. Everybody is frustrating from it. Industries stopped working just because of it, indirectly which affect the economic situation of country. We people of Pakistan are completely unaware of loading shedding. We don't know when the electricity 🔌 with out of coverage and when it regain.


Funniest things about it

The most interesting and enjoyable thing is that, whenever somebody goes to take bath🚿🛁 , the electricity gone.

Whenever somebody sleeps, the same process happened.
It really make people sad and they use the harsh words against Wapda department,😄😄

I installed UPS to get rid of this frustration

As all you know, UPS is used as a electricity backup. As I'm a software engineer, due to COVID-19 pandemic I have been working in home since last 2 years.

The load Shedding make me disappointed and sad. It wasted alot of time as the duration of load Shedding is about to 30 hours a week which is too much it is affecting the economy of Pakistan. GOVT of Pakistan should take decisions about it, all the time every govt claims to fix this issue, but unfortunately this problem is still pending from the last 20 years,😭😭😭

  • Businesses effeciency decreasing due to it
  • The input from the offices decreased due to it
  • Tailor's work is decreasing due to it
  • Shopkeeper work is affecting
  • Economy is decreasing
  • Many other factors

People are installing UPS to overcome this problem.
Some people purchasing generator for that purpose. It only depends upon the mindset and priorities whichever thing they wanted to install.

UPS features that I have installed

Battery140 Amp
Model1214 vertex
UPS CompanyHomeage
Battery warranty6 months
UPS warranty1 Year
Battery companyAGS
Battery's paltes23 cells

This is the battery I purchased


Box of the UPS



Actual UPS afer unboxing


Battery's users manual card, warranty card and purchased invoice





It's a top quality UPS in our country. It has very good features as well as solar panels supported. I purchased it from the other city as our city is very small and homeage's ups were out of stock, therefore I had to goto other city, where I bought it on wholesale price. The dealer was very buttering, I wanted to get more money from me, but I already asked the price from different shops so that I can get it on reasonable price.

Price of the installation

UPS24500 PKR
Battery18500 PKR
Wires2000 PKR
Sockets/board1000 PKR
Labor cost1500 PKR










The output is amazing 😍, I'm utilizing the 1 fan, 2 lights, 1 laptop with extended LCD screen, mobile changer and 1 Internet device charging

It's giving the 12 hours of electricity backup which is super Cool and amazing 😍🤩. I am really happy with this output. As my frustration level becomes 0 now, it's all about the UPS installation.

Are you facing this problem is your country?
Are you facing the same problem? If yes let me know what would you like to install the UPS OR generator?? It's just to know the mindset of different people.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading my story and do upvote and comment on my post. Your vote would be highly appreciated.

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