RE: (ESP/ENG) Una hermosa muñeca con defecto de fábrica / A beautiful doll with a factory defect

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Yes, when I lifted her dress and noticed it, I thought that everything would be solved by turning the leg, but even doing it it was still the same, so I took it away and realized that they were both left legs, so there was no way to repair that ha ha of course the factory had to realize it, but since they are cheap dolls, I imagine that the quality control of the place leaves a lot to be desired ha ha 🤣 The truth is, there are very ingenious people who they do amazing things with their dolls. That has been my wish for a long time. Before I had all the material available and not the models ... now everything is the other way around ha ha for now I'll settle for just making changes to the clothes, because I don't know anything else and it would hurt me to damage such a beautiful doll ha ha a lot Thank you for your comment, I hope your cats are well. Kisses for everyone!! 🥰🥰