5 Minute Freewrite: Prompt: little kid


Sarah was just a little kid, who was in the elementary school, and She lived with both parents in a local community.

It was the raining season, on her way home from school with two other school girls playing on their way during the heavy rainfall. There was a large gutter they had to cross leading to a canal which ended in a very big river.

The two girls made a successful crossover but unfortunately, Sarah didn’t cross the gutter successfully, She tripped instead and landed inside the heavily flowing gutter with a big thud screaming for help instantly.

The little girls ran off immediately to call for help because the area was a secluded one and no one around. But Sarah was on her way into the canal.

The waves of the water due to the heavy rain was so high that it kept drowning and dragging her towards the river.

She couldn't shout for help anymore because she had drowned so much, it was the scariest moment of her life, She felt like she saw her soul leave her body before her very eyes, then she lost consciousness afterwards.

The girls returned with an elderly man, but already Sarah was looking lifeless in the river, "Please save our friend" one of the girls said.

The man who they found wasn’t a good Swimmer, but he was able to maneuver around the flowing water and brought her out.

He took her to her parents, they called the community doctor who was able to revive her but when she regained consciousness, She wasn’t able to remember anything that happened before the incident.

Thank you for reading


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