Saving with @susie-saver & Her Saturday Savers Club | Making Up For Loss Time

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Last week, I did no post & I didn't meet my savings goal due to all the other things that life threw my way. If you haven't read about it, you can here. I tried to make up for missing out on my savings & did pretty good on doubling up & then some, except for my HBD, I wasn't able to move enough hive to hit my savings goal for the week. Moving on.....

Keeping it short & sweet.....

This was a good week! Was able to buy a little more then the minimum which makes the growing a little nicer.

Note about HBD & Savings; You must remember that while it may seem like the HBD is growing slowly it actually isn't. Once I transfer 10 Hive to HBD, I then must transfer to the savings which is always adding up.
this is not a big concern since I actually also earn on average 1 HBD every 2 days.

Let's look at the chart......

The chart should be self explanatory so no need to drag on the post. Under the chart is a description of the chart for those who need it.

Weekly Savings 9 23 2.png

Saturday Savers Club

The First Column shows the token & how much each week.

The Second Column shows how much I started with on August 12, 2022.

The Third Column shows what I was able to save this week.

The Fourth Column show the new total of savings which when you look at the second column you can see the difference in growth.

Thanks for watching my savings grow with me!!

See Ya next week!!

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