My Hive Goals | A Bare Minimum Week

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This was pretty much a bare minimun week for me. With so much going on and my hands in so many baskets it's like I really have to set out a busget to get back on top of things. If you've read my ThriveOnHive post, then you know I've been sick and was down for an entire day which really affected my usual activity. My post are behind & I have to get back on track. I am feeling better and now if life will allow me I will be back on top in no time at all. Anyways, it was a pretty good week In ListNerds and that makes me feel good about the week in spite of all the other stuff. Moving on......

Let's take a look at this week .......

My chharts are usually self explanatory so I'm not elaborting this for the sake of time. Everything has had a little growth, so that's great. As well as I was able to get a liitle more than 10 workerbee, which is kinda my main focus for the rest of the year. I am determined to hit that goal as well as my Hive power goal.

2000 Hive Power

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HIVE Power 9 14 2.png

5 Hive Rewards A Day

Screenshot 8295.png

50,000 CTP Power

CTP Power  9 14 2.png

1000 OneUp

Screenshot 8318.png


1000 SPS

Screenshot 8317.png

10,000 SPT

SPT  Power 9 14 2.png


WorkerBee 9 14 2.png

25000 Listnerds

ListNerds 9 14 2.png

That's it for this week.....

Thanks for reading!!

See Ya next week!!

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I don’t like list out complete series here but here is a couple from each collection. You can go to my profile on peakD & check them all out.

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Looks like you made some good progress there, and you are already doing pretty awesome on the CTP front - well done. Just got to keep going !!!
Hope you are feeling better.

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