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Something you dont mention with the blue check mark situation is that it is currently a devise to allow other users to know the person/organisation/company is who/what they purport to be.

If anyone can pay to be 'verified' then there will be ones who will pay the money purely to lay claim to something which is not theirs to own.

Even now I regularly see folks - some verified, some not - asking their followers to report an account which has been set up to look like the requester. Where people are paying $8 a month (which for many folks is a small amount) for the privilege of pretending to be someone else, what incentive does twitter, the company benefiting financially, have to respond to complaints in a timely matter? Even nownthey are not often swift.

Whatever integration or disruption Musk may or may not bring to the sector, he would do well to first understand basic principles of the company he has loaded with $14billion of debt.