Campaigning for Itínera - NOT TODAY due to Technical Difficulties

We're So Sorry...!

It's Sunday again, so this would be the time to publish a nice recap of another successful encounter at Conferences for a Better World. But that won't be possible this time, simply because we didn't have such a conference. Everything was set up, as always, and by now we should be quite competent at it. But, for whatever reason, many people had a hard time signing into our Zoom meeting. Worst of all, our special guest Else Marie Laukvik from Odin Teatret, was one of them. Under these conditions she could not give her presentation, so we decided to reschedule the entire event. We are not exactly sure what the problem was, but we take full responsibility for it.

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Next Two Conferences, Plus Campaign Launch

In spite of this setback, we are pushing ahead with our scheduled campaign events. The encounters with our two most famous guests are still coming up: Sofia Monsalve from the Teatro de la Memoria is our guest on the 21st of November, and a week later on the 27th we are going to have Else Marie Laukvik, for real this time. Though the dates still need to be confirmed, so it could easily happen that they will be switched. In either case, I am going to post a proper announcement for each event.

However, there is something even more important that's going to take place coming Saturday: the Great Launch Event of our Campaign: We called it Building Dreams, Arts Festival Online. It will be a similar event on Zoom, but instead of a couple hours, it will go on for 18 hours, and feature dozens of guests. The idea is to have a variety event, with live performances of various types of performances, ranging from puppet shows to dance, story telling, theater, poetry, and of course music. Our performers tune in from five continents (too many time zones to list them all), and present shows of anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. We are going to transmit this long event to anyone who is interested, and of course try to raise as much money as we can during our first day.

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But this online festival is only part of our launch event. Additionally, we are organizing Real Life parties in Mexico City, as well as somewhere in France, where we plan on projecting the event onto the wall, and possibly even get the attendees to perform something on their own. It's going to be huge, and I can even see how this may be a fun time. Now I can imagine, you're wondering about the exact details: Who is going to perform what exactly when? Also, when and where are the real life events supposed to happen? But most importantly, you may want to know how you can join the festival.

No worries! The details are coming out within the next day or so. I am planing on posting a detailed list of all performers, types of show, and their times, plus of course the Zoom link, and for those who are not interested in interacting with the artists, just want to watch the show, there is also going to be a facebook feed. And you can bet, we will make sure you'll be able to enter without problems!